We need more sponsors, investors to push music industry financially – Samprincepowers

Samprincepowers is a young Nigerian singer, songwriter and dancer who has been in the music industry for more than a decade.

Samprincepowers who spoke recently with Ngozi Okpalakunne in an interview delved in some of the challenges facing the industry. He advocated for more sponsors and investors to push the industry financially.

Also, he talked about other issues affecting the nation.

There are many upcoming and old musicians in the country, what is unique about your own tracks?

The difference between my kind of music Samprincepowers #MayorofJos #Jtownfinest with the other musicians in the industry is I get mostly inspired by things around me. So I don’t just sing, I sing my best compositions on the things happening within and I’m influenced by my general surroundings.

 What actually motivated you to go in to music industry?

At the age of 12, I discovered I could sing and when I sing or rap or dance, people would be hailing me. This inspired me. So from then I put more effort into my talent   and music career. It was such effort that encouraged made me win the popular #gbtafrobeatstarchallenge.

 What inspires you?

Frankly speaking, I am inspired by girls/ ladies because l came from a family of five girls and l happened to be the only boy. So, my siblings are all girls and l get inspiration from them.

Covid – 19 affected all the sectors of the economy particularly the music industry. How were you able to navigate through, during the pandemic?

The situation was indeed terrible during the pandemic, but we survived and are still surviving by God’s grace, but it is not easy.  I recently did a live band performance for monthly LoudNProudLive virtual music platform with covid-19 health protocols in place.

Live music gives artists’ freedom to express themselves in music. I loved it very much. We keep pushing ‘suffering and smiling’.

Some are of the opinion that some today’s musicians have negative influence on the youths with their kind of tracks in the market. What is your take on that?

I disagree with this opinion because I believe music is ‘food to the soul’ also any youth who wants to be wayward will do so with or without music. Music is life.

How long have you been in the industry and how many tracks have you released so far?

I have been in the industry for over a decade now. I started at 12 years old.  I have released more than eleven tracks as an independent artist but with my new label NMO Music Inc. headed by music industry veteran Ngozi Omambala.

I’m now a signed artist. My first single titled ‘For You’ produced by Mflexbeat and video directed by legendary Unlimited LA has already charted the first position at radio stations in Jos and is being played MTV Base, Afromusic Pop, SilverbirdTV, PRTV (Plateau) and Arewa24 (Pan African) amongst others. I am truly thankful and blessed.

In what ways do you think your tracks can address some of the challenges facing the country?

I am from Nasarawa state, born in Kaduna and lived in Jos before relocating to Lagos. So actually my music speaks about life, reality and peace. My music reflects my character and my kind of vibes.  So my music is my creative weapon to speak to my people directly and for them to reflect on and enjoy my music live peacefully together as one.

I don’t condone or do that with my videos. Women should be 100 percent respected and also be free to do what pleases them and what they are comfortable with. My advice is that we can definitely do better. I think we can be the change that we want to be and lead by example.

Who is your role model and where do you hope to be in the next ten years?

My role models are legends Baba Fela Kuti (Nigeria) and Manu Dibango (Cameroon) may they both rest in eternal peace. They have left us with massive and great musical legacies and big footprints to follow.

In the next ten years,I want to be one of the biggest and most influential artists in Africa and outside Africa inspiring a young Afro generation and beyond to excel with no limits.

What are some of the challenges facing the music industry and what is the way out?

Challenges we are facing in the industry is that we need more music professionals and experts to handle the entertainment industry because it is a business. Our industry, its promotions and music strategies are changing every day. One major solution is we need more sponsors and investors to push it financially. African music industry is growing and has become global.